Multiple users on your iPad

Posted: 2011/07/14 by soheilmonzavi in iOS, iOS App, iPad

Here’s a really cool new Cydia hack: iUsers, a jailbreak add on that allows you to have multiple user accounts on a single iPad, each with their own separate apps, mailboxes and settings.




New white macbook and mac mini coming soon

Posted: 2011/07/14 by soheilmonzavi in Apple, Lion (Mac OS 10.7)

We have obtained some new information from our source, Mr. X, about Apple’s next Macs. Now that we have this info, we have determined that part numbers for new Mac Pros are not yet available. Instead, these part numbers are actually for an upgraded white MacBook and new Mac mini line.


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Free 3Gs With next Update?

Posted: 2011/07/06 by Sadeq008 in iPhone, Rumors
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With talk of Apple seeking to release a cheaper iPhone being revived in recent days, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky now weighs in to report that he believes that Apple will be keeping the iPhone 3GS around even after the next iPhone hardware update, offering the device for free with a two-year contract and at $399 for unsubsidized purchases. Apple currently sells an 8 GB iPhone 3GS for $49 on a two-year contract and $449 unsubsidized. Read the rest of this entry »

Fring For iPad !

Posted: 2011/06/28 by Sadeq008 in iOS App, iPad, iPad 2
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Sure, you could have fired up Fring to make four-way video calls from your iPad 2 this whole time, but you’d have saddled with an iPhone-sized interface on your 9.7-inch IPS screen. And, as we say around the Engadget compound — tablet optimized or get the frack out. OK, we don’t really say that, but everything is better when it’s designed for the screen you intend to use it on. So, we’re very pleased to tell you that Fring has been updated with proper iPad support (cue cheers). Basically there’s no reason to use Facetimenow, with its lame single-caller and WiFi only limitations. Hit up the source link if you’re in the group video chatting mood.


Apple : Go Beyond!

Posted: 2011/06/25 by Sadeq008 in Steve Jobs
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Today  I want answer why Apple is nonstop able?

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As We knew Mac OS 10.7 will release in July , and waiting is always Sucks !

for bringing peace in our Macintosh we need to update it ! But how?

if you Want to become ready for Lion , you Must ( that’s Sucks too) update your Snow Leopard to 10.6.8!

So right now click Software update (on your mac) or Here.

after apple released Lion you have just to buy Lion from Mac app Store and BOOM !

you already Updated!

iMessage on Mac? (video)

Posted: 2011/06/23 by Sadeq008 in Lion (Mac OS 10.7), Rumors

We love Jan Michael Cart’s incredible iOS concept videos. We still wish Apple would bring his dashboard and voice recognition concepts to iOS 5.

Perhaps Cart’s latest idea is the one most closely in reach: he envisions cross-platform text chat between iOS and OS X computers, and foresees Apple releasing their new iMessage client on the Mac App Store.

I’m positive that Apple will do just this. After all, when they released FaceTime, they released a Mac client about three months after it hit iOS. If Apple does something similar for iMessage, we should see it on the Mac by the end of the year.