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As we reported, Apple is opening 5 new retail stores on Saturday. The new stores include two U.S. locations and three international ones. We received some early photos from some of the locations:
Murray, Utah (Thanks Eric) (more…)


Apple : Go Beyond!

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Today  I want answer why Apple is nonstop able?


According to ABCNews (via Fortune) Simon and Shuster will be publishing the Walter Isaacson Authorized Biography of Steve Jobs in early 2012. The title is a curious: iSteve: The Book of Jobs

The Jobs book will be his fourth major biography. In addition to Kissinger: A Biography (1992) he has written Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (2003) and Einstein: His Life and Universe (2007). His most recent book is American Sketches: Great Leaders, Creative Thinkers, and Heroes of a Hurricane (2009).
The Jobs book was announced in February of last year but now it has a title and release date. Fortune has a great profile on Isaacson who has a long history of convincing notable people to tell them their story.


Career Counselor: Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

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Stephen Joel Trachtenberg is president emeritus and university professor at George Washington University and a partner in Korn Ferry International.

Is there an app for improving America’s educational system? Will watching a PowerPoint presentation about the nation’s educational challenge help to understand the opportunities and difficulties facing the country?

Two college dropouts, Steve Jobs (Reed College) and Bill Gates (Harvard University) have articulated theories about education. And their viewpoints are as different as are their companies (Apple and Microsoft, respectively), presenting a contrast in style and philosophy. (more…)


Apple CEO Steve Jobs is reported to have sent a message to Apple staff regarding the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The contents of the email were posted to (via Macotakara), and MacRumors had also received a copy of it independently. The email was said to have been sent to all Apple employees. (more…)

Demo of Dashboard

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These are most advanced Secret of Steve Jobs!

Steve Jobs Introducig photoBooth

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