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Disputes with Fox, Viacom and Discovery caused Time Warner to pull 11 of the 32 original channels from its live TV streaming TWCable TV app yesterday, but as promised it has brought in some new ones to replace them. Among the 17 channels added are several networks from the ABC/Disney group including ABC Family, Disney, Disney XD and ESPNnews, plus NBC Universal selections like MSNBC, Syfy and USA as well as the curious addition of Fox News. We’re still not convinced watching TV on our tablet is a more useful development than using it as a remote/couch companion but until those features arrive or the app gets sued out of existence, that’s what this one does. Check the full list of new channels after the break or on the TWCable Untangled blog.

Update: There’s no word from Time Warner, but Multichannel News reports five more new channels have been added this afternoon – Bloomberg TV, PBS Kids Sprout, Hallmark Movie Channel, Current TV and TruTV. Turner also stated TBS will join them once the app supports MLB blackout restrictions, which is also the reason why other ESPN stations aren’t included yet.


Channels added today:

  • A&E
  • ABC Family
  • AMC
  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • CSPAN2
  • CSPAN3
  • Chiller
  • Disney
  • Disney XD
  • E
  • ESPNnews
  • Food
  • Fox News
  • G4
  • Gala
  • HGTV
  • HLN
  • Hallmark
  • History
  • HSN
  • IFC
  • Jewelry
  • LMN
  • NY1Noticias*
  • NY1*
  • QVC
  • Sleuth
  • Soap
  • Style
  • Syfy
  • Golf
  • Travel
  • USA
  • We
  • YNN Austin*


(*Available based on user channel entitlements)

From Russia With Love!

Posted: 2011/04/02 by Sadeq008 in iPad 2

In non-Soviet Russia… presidents tend to receive some pretty swanky high-tech gifts. Dmitry Medvedev, leader of the good people of Russia and one of the few men to successfully rock denims with a suit jacket, has been bestowed with a fresh new iPad 2 and his facial expression seems to suggest he was immediately irradiated with blasts of magic, fairy dust, and the smiles of innocent children from across the world. We just hope he hasn’t seen the crummy camera yet, he is something of a tablet photography connoisseur. (more…)

First iPad 2 Music Video By EDDY

Posted: 2011/03/31 by Sadeq008 in iPad 2

This music video was shot solely on 4 ipad 2’s. The video was released in 20 hours of when the ipad 2 came out.

“Everyone had a blast. That was the point. A lot of creative minds working together in a short amount of time.”



Apple’s demonstrations may not have exactly made its Digital AV Adapter seem like a must-have accessory for the iPad 2, but the folks from Firemint may well change your mind with their upcoming update forReal Racing 2 HD. Not only will it let you output full 1080p video instead of just mirroring the iPad 2’s display (and aspect ratio) on your TV, but it will even let you use your iPad 2 as a secondary display — in this case, to display a map of the track. Unfortunately, there’s no word on a release date for the update, but you can get a pretty good taste of what’s in store in the video above.


Killing time until the iPad 2 finally becomes available across Europe later today? Well, now you can stoke the flames of anticipation by taking a gander at this here wood cover made specifically for the magnet-infused new Appletablet. It comes from a single piece of cherry wood and rolls up into a stand, providing a pair of landscape positions and a sturdy base for keeping the slate vertical should you wish to gaze upon it in portrait mode. Frankly, Apple should’ve been the one to come up with this refinement on its Smart Covers, though at least a small company like Miniot spares us the overblown rhetoric about life-changing gear purchases. Price isn’t too bad, either, with orders starting at €50 later on today.



NEW feature of iPad 2 : Stick to the Fridge

Posted: 2011/03/18 by Sadeq008 in iPad 2

before doing that check your fridge is already magnet friendly!

Amazing Sales!

Posted: 2011/03/15 by Sadeq008 in Apple, iPad 2

iPad 2 availability continues to get worse with Apple’s online store citing 4-5 week ship times for new iPad 2 orders. Several Apple Retail stores are planning on opening early tomorrow to accommodate the continued high demand for the iPad. Based on what we’ve heard from readers, retail stores have remained sold out since the initial launch day. Apple has not released official numbers but it seems supplies have been limited since launch day. Apple’s only statement on the matter has been that there has been “amazing” demand for the new product.

Meanwhile, at least some of the first online orders are arriving. One reader reported to us that his first day AT&T order for the new iPad arrived on Monday. Many who have ordered through Apple’s online store are still waiting for their initial orders.