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As we reported, Apple is opening 5 new retail stores on Saturday. The new stores include two U.S. locations and three international ones. We received some early photos from some of the locations:
Murray, Utah (Thanks Eric) (more…)


WiTricity Demo:

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A couple of new Apple patent applications were revealed today, including an incredibly impractical one that demonstrates using your iPod headphones for inductive charging. Apple has researched inductive charging in the past, though it comes with some major limitations.

As we’ve covered before, Apple has also researched alternative options such as WiTricity’s magnetic resonance charging technology. WiTricity is based on the research from MIT’s labs where scientists showed a new method for transferring larger amounts of power wirelessly over more practical distances (up to a couple of meters) than traditional induction.

Apple’s previous research into this technology suggested that your desktop computer could be used as a wireless charging hub for devices in its immediate proximity:

Apple describes a scenario where your iMac could be the source of this resonance power to provide a virtual charging area in front of your computer. Keyboards, mice and even mobile electronic devices like the iPhone or iPad could be charged simply be being in a 1 meter proximity to your computer. In typical Apple fashion, they describe that “by doing away with clumsy and annoying cables and eliminating the need to replace batteries, an easy to use and efficient local computing environment can be provided to the user.”

WiTricity must have been following along, as they’ve posted this video showing how their wireless technology works and even set up a working model of exactly what Apple was describing. iMac charging demo starts at 3 minutes 50 seconds:

WiTricity works on the concept of magnetic resonance where a magnetic field is being alternated in the source device to affect the target devices. Charging can occur over several meters. The technology is said to be safe and is being designed to meet applicable safety regulations. See our previous coverage for more information.


iZettle By iDevice

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Everyone seems to be getting on board with Square’s iPhone credit card reader — Apple started selling the device in its stores last week, and even Visa has taken a financial interest in the company. However, due to the popularity of fraud-fighting chip-enabled smart cards on the other side of the pond, Square’s offering doesn’t quite fit the bill. iZettle has a similar solution for Europe that includes the ever-so-necessary smart card reader, which the company is launching in Sweden this June. Not only does it enable you to accept credit card payments from friends or customers, the app adds a social twist. Merchants can email a photograph and receipt to buyers, who can then share their latest spoils on Facebook. Of course, if this starts to catch on, it could make explaining that “awesome deal” you scored on a new laptop that much more difficult when it pops up on your significant other’s news feed.


You can see Apple Staff just did the right thing and let them to dance for 3 minutes !

Apple Hub : iHUB

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So, you waited in line for an iPad 2, snatched up an iPhone 4, and even bought one of those unofficial white conversion kits. You work all day on a MacBook Air with a Steve Jobs figurine sitting next to it on your desk — you’re exactly the person that the $9.99 iHub was created for. It’s not an official Apple product but, as far as knockoffs go, this is one of the more accurate facsimiles we’ve ever seen. This four-port USB hub looks quite a bit like an Apple TV, has a glowing logo up top, and comes in your choice of white or black. Even the packaging is convincingly Apple thanks to the clear plastic lid that lets you peek the wares within. Glimpse the glamor shots and the video below — we promise they’re 100-percent authentic, even if the iHub is not.

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Chubby DIY iPad cases aside, there aren’t too many options if you want to bring video wirelessly from a mobile device to a wall-mountable TV. The Moov from Olion is one of the few, but sadly it doesn’t really exist just yet. Don’t be thrown off by a name shared with a windshield-mounted GPS, this is a battery-packing case for iPhones. Slot one in and you get instant, wireless streaming of data to a WHDI-compatible receiver. Video resolution is fair at 1,024 x 768 while latency is said to be less than 1ms at up to 30-feet in range. That’s quick enough to get your Need for Speed on, as shown after the break, while the internal battery is said to provide enough juice for three hours of video streaming. Olion doesn’t have a shipment date or price in mind right now, still searching for partners of the manufacturing kind. If you have the requisite means of production maybe this could be a match made in silicon — and in love.


Apple Boy:iBoy

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Really Cool idea !