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As we reported, Apple is opening 5 new retail stores on Saturday. The new stores include two U.S. locations and three international ones. We received some early photos from some of the locations:
Murray, Utah (Thanks Eric) (more…)


A report from CapitalVue is making the rounds today for its claims that Apple has finally struck a deal with China Mobile to a launch the iPhone on the world’s largest mobile carrier. China Mobile currently has over 600 million customers.

Unfortunately, the sourcing on the rumor is somewhat uncertain, as the report points to “a company filing” picked up by Chinese-language site An automated translation of the article suggests, however, that the report came from the Associated Press, and we have been unable to locate such an article.


Apple as early as Wednesday will launch two highly anticipated products: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Airs, AppleInsider has learned.

According to people with proven track records who would be in a position to know, the new product launches are set to occur later this week. Specifically, one person said the products would be released on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern.

The latest details align with what AppleInsider was told earlier this month, when it reported that new MacBook Air models with backlit keyboards and Thunderbolt ports would launch the week of July 21.
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New white macbook and mac mini coming soon

Posted: 2011/07/14 by soheilmonzavi in Apple, Lion (Mac OS 10.7)

We have obtained some new information from our source, Mr. X, about Apple’s next Macs. Now that we have this info, we have determined that part numbers for new Mac Pros are not yet available. Instead, these part numbers are actually for an upgraded white MacBook and new Mac mini line.



As We knew Mac OS 10.7 will release in July , and waiting is always Sucks !

for bringing peace in our Macintosh we need to update it ! But how?

if you Want to become ready for Lion , you Must ( that’s Sucks too) update your Snow Leopard to 10.6.8!

So right now click Software update (on your mac) or Here.

after apple released Lion you have just to buy Lion from Mac app Store and BOOM !

you already Updated!

Apple has started offering $100/€75 gift card for free for those people who buy a Mac. This is a part of their annual Back to School promotion and it starts today in both US and European countries.

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Having spent a good part of our day yesterday negotiating with iTunes and downloading a whopping 666.2MB file to update our iPhone to version 4.3.3 — a version, we might add, whose sole claim to fame is the removal of things — we know well the pains of updating Apple’s mobile software. Those aches, however, may soon be coming to an end. 9to5Mac has multiple sources informing it that Apple and Verizon are scheming to start delivering iOS updates over the air from this fall, or just as soon as iOS 5 is made available. Untethered OS updates are a familiar feature to users of other smartphone operating systems and even the iOS-infused Apple TV, but getting Apple’s mobile devices up to date has so far always required going through the company’s own cable and software.There’s no reason to believe this wireless update feature will be limited to Verizon, mind you — that’s just where the informants are coming from in this instance — though Apple will almost certainly have to alter the file sizes of its updates. We can’t think of many carriers who’ll be happy to push more than half a gigabyte of data per user per update. Additionally, since iTunes currently acts as the major backup hub, 9to5Mac speculates Cupertino must be working on a cloud backup service as well, which would seem a very sensible idea. Of course, that doesn’t paint a very happy or busy future for iTunes, but so what?